Havana - Diffuser Refill

Havana - Diffuser Refill

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Havana is a premium blend of vintage cologne, rich sweet tobacco, warm spice and cognac, combined with smokey woody scent of oak and dark musk.

SOAP.LAB diffuser refills help reduce waste, while you can also save money by buying a refill instead of buying a new bottle. Our refills will fill your SOAP.LAB jars for at least 2 more times and the reed sticks are supplied for FREE!

We recommend that you change to new reed sticks whenever you use a new refill. Your old reed sticks may be clogged with dust or may be saturated with fragrance oil that will prevent the new oil from diffusing out nicely.

    • Fragrance: Cologne + Cuban tobacco + Cognac + Oak
    • Intensity: 🌸
    • Includes 20 white fibre reeds
    • Hand-blended + poured in Cyprus
    • Our refill PET bottles are 100% recyclable